ISD needed for the french help

I’m not sure this is the right place to post it, but since it concern the new players, I feel like it is so here I am ^^"

the situation on the french help channel is impossible.

New players must avoid trolls (“press alt F4 for your hangar”), racists of all kind and other things in the same range.

xenophobia in general, transphobia, disability shaming etc etc

I know that the ISD team isn’t recruiting, but the situation is so bad that new players can’t even ask questions in the evening :confused:

I don’t “want” to be an ISD, but I do want new players to be able to discover this game I love in good conditions :confused:

The problem is no one speaks french, so there are no people being recruited into french help chat channel, because no one speaks french or doesnt want to.

My french goes as far as Je ne parlais pas francais. And I speak french-canadien, which isnt actually french, ive been told.

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There are similar problems in other language help channels also. It is an issue hopefully ccp will get work on very soon.

It seems silly to put work into new player retention yet let help channel problems turn players away from the game.

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french canadian is good and is technically more french than the french language of france ^^

but they are not recruiting any USD at all at this time :confused:

I do speak french, but since the ISD is closed, I can’t apply ^^"

I can’t agree more :confused:

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