Why is 'Quit Corporation' as easily accessible as 'Leave Fleet'?

Pretty much every play session I will join and leave some fleets. And to leave them, I simply rightclick my name, click “leave fleet” at the bottom of the rightclick menu (the one with the big warning sign next to it) and have to avoid clicking the “quit corporation” button at the bottom of another rightclick menu (the one also with a big warning sign next to it) because I’m not planning to leave my corporation.

Why is “Quit Corporation” present in this rightclick menu at all?


Please, put a “Quit Corporation” button where it belongs, in the Social > Corporation window.

Quitting a corporation is not something I do multiple times a play session, hence quitting a corporation does not need to be accessible through a rightclick on my name directly whenever I’m playing.

Even worse, due to the placement of the button and the use of the exact same warning sign, it’s too similar to “Leave fleet” in all but letters, even though “Leave fleet” does happen multiple times a play session.


Remove “Quit Corporation” from that rightclick menu.


I’m always baffled by this as well. Such obviously terrible UI design.

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This is something I almost clicked earlier this evening, and I almost had a heart attack for a second. Should definitely be removed from the right-click context menu.


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