Why major alliances have so horrible names?

As the title says.

Looking at the top 20, I don’t see any “horrible” names…care to help us out with what you are referring to?

Pandemic Horde
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Northern Coalition
Goonswarm Federation
Legion of xXDEATHXx
Ranger Regiment
The Initiative
Circle of Hell
Brave Collective
UNREAL Alliance
Requiem Eternal
Solyaris Chtonium
Siberian Squads
The Army of Mango Alliance
RAZOR Alliance
Red Alliance
Warped Intentions

Horrible is subjective, yeah alot of them don’t fit into the traditional lore / eve environment but sometimes that’s what makes them special. They thrive despite being odd ducks.

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We need a Narwhals Ate My Duck alliance!

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1st on the list: Pandemic horde. Pandemic resembles a disease to me and horde… resembles a literal horde where individual is nobody. Logo of Pandemic horde is worst of everything I ever saw.

Disclaimer: pandemic horde guys are actually cool and fun to fly with. The few times I was in touch with them they were heart and soul and much respect to them. Cools dudes with horrible logo and bad name.

2nd on the list: Test alliance please ignore. This resembles bunch of drunk teenagers leaving pub in early morning hours and thinking what cool name shall they give the their whatever. The worst name ever!

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It’s a very aggressive name carries great connotations. It’s pretty darn good IMO. This thread isn’t about logos so I will skip that.

Test really funny as it is the opposite of PH…goofie and doesn’t take itself serious.

For me, Legion of xXDEATHXx sounds/looks bad and I wouldn’t be surprised if they originally were going to spell death with a 3…

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Yes…as it should, and as intended…because “widespread disease” is literally the meaning of the term pandemic.

imo Pandemic Legion has one of the best logos in the game, Pandemic Horde one of the worst. Oh well.

TAPI TAPI TAPI… Test has a great name.

Probably quite within the realm of possibility for TAPI name origin…


Meh… it’s all subjective… can’t agree on that with you. Horrible names both of them.

3rd name on the list: Northern coalition is actually cool, can’t say that on their line members.

4th name Goonswarm, ohhh
Disclaimer: l hate this name the most of all in EVE, but in small fights we ever were they were very cool dudes and made me think of the swarm in a whole different way. I hated that.

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Sooooooo boring! Is their banner beige and do they serve vanilla at dinners?

Another brilliant one…simple and too the point yet caries many connotations…

I’m guessing our personalities are pretty different…interesting!

Very different indeed.

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