Why most Alliance have ugly logo?

Let’s have a talk why most alliance or even all Alliance have an ugly logo
Okay i am sorry, i don’t meant to disrespect logo designer. But why though? These logo seems irrelevant with EVE online rules about applying alliance logo

This literally ruins EVE Online sci-fi atmosphere
These logo seems unthreatening.

Tell me why guys

If you want the sci-fi atmosphere in game reason… it’s because capsuleers are insane demi-gods with personal incomes rivaling that of entire planets or even solar systems. Who’s gonna tell them that no they cannot have a fat bee logo when they pilot ships large enough to cause severe ecological damage just by orbiting too close to a planet.

It’s not just player capsuleers who do weird ■■■■ like that either. In one of the novels, mordu (of mordus legion) was known for wearing ridiculous and over the top hats to mock politicians he had to interact with.


I feel like our logo is pretty cool…

No? Aww

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