The worst alliances in New Eden

How did Theran Alliance get to be the most disrespected and crappy alliance in all of New Eden?
I mean they were crap to begin with, but it seems to be that everyone’s opinion of them is the same. They’re generally known to be the lamest, weakest and worst alliance out there.
Their leader is a pathetic low life who caused the alliance to be kicked out of Winter Coalition because they refused to let a corporation get their assets from a station. Luckily because of the incompetence of Jesse/Sgeine, they made it out anyway.

Is there any other alliance that’s just as incompetent and as disrespected as Theran alliance?
God knows why Darkness spent some time protecting them. Yes, they need all the help they can get, but who would risk their own reputation in getting mixed up with Theran?

Tribal Band, long dead TEST pet and literally worse than a piece of worthless dirt.

Can you explain why?

I despise TEST alliance, they use cheap, dirty underhand tactics and regularly embarrass themselves in local by flooding it with self depreciating crap.

That’s what tribal band did as well. But in contrast, Theran tried to live on their own for a short time, which Tribal never managed. They died as soon as TEST pulled the plug. And they were easier to farm than even Goons or TEST.

Theran should just give up and disband. Their killboard is a joke and the member count has dwindled to a pathetic level. They have nothing and they’re hanging on by a string.

NCdot, they have such potential to challenge us (Imperium) but they have not hoovered up corps and consolidated their allies ruthlessly under one system yet.
Maybe they’re still caring about zkill in a world where zkill doesn’t matter anymore because people are so rich, and meatgrinder titan engagements are about to happen (like the meatgrinder dreadnought battles that happened on serenity, here on TQ we only had battleship meatgrinder battles so far, because full SRP wallets still care about whether or not they traded well against an alliance with a much smaller SRP wallet…).

Goons & code

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