Why the difference in Seeded Blueprint quatities in the Market?

So I was buying some blueprint originals and I wanted several of the same types. These were the seeded blueprints on the market. I look at the quantity available and low and behold it says: 1.

Why 1?

So it requires me to repeat the same buy, buy, and buy again action in a mind numbing fashion.

I get to drones. Hammerhead I Blueprint, quantity 1, Infiltrator I Blueprint, quantity 1, Valkyrie I blueprint quantity 8 and Vespa I Blueprint also quantity 8.

Why the difference? In fact why limit seeded blueprints to 1 for any of them? It just immediately replaces the order with a new one anyway.

Why not just standardize all seeded blueprints quantities to 10? or heck, even higher. I surly don’t see any point to setting any of them to 1.

No idea, maybe historic reasons …

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