Why the expedition frigates Endurance can't use covert ops cloaking device?

expedition frigates Prospect can use covert ops cloaking device , why Endurance can’t?

Why should it be able to?

Look at all its stats. Look what it has that the Prospect doesn’t. How do their respective targets differ?

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Because CCP felt that the ability to warp when cloaked coupled with the larger Drone bay, large ore hold, and other stats of the endurance would be too over powered and render the prospect useless. Plus things with covert ops cloaks can fit covert cyno’s which again reaches into the over powered realms.

So the endurance gets the next best thing, the ability to move at full speed while cloaked but no cloaky warping.


The goal when balancing is to make every option a valid choice. You don’t want 1 ship to dominate it’s niche; and a covert cloak in addition to its other attributes would make Endurance the dominant choice.

That does happen occasionally and CCP Nerfbat is called into action

  • Prospect: Covert Ops [Cloak & Portal], Ore & Gas harvesting relies on T3 cruiser for boosts and defense.
  • Endurance Advanced cloak, Drone defense, Ice and Ore Harvester can defend self and booster.

Both are sig tanked against basic rats even in null.

Like most are saying its about choices. Environment and goals dictate your ship and module choices. I like that there are trade offs for different features. The only complaint for me is Covert Cloaks. They should ALL require fuel to limit your usage of them. Other than that, these ships are well designed.


Personally I don’t understand why CCP calls the Prospect and Endurance ‘Expedition Frigate’ when they’re clearly an upgraded version of the Venture which is a ‘Mining Frigate’.

Probably because the idea behind them was to have a mining frigate that can go on a expedition to more hostile environments

To avoid the edurance from being the next big gank ship, it would be too strong with a cov op.

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