Why there is almost no loot in level 4 highsec missions?

Dear Developers and Community,

Why most of the “regular” level 4 missions drop very little loot from npcs ? For example in a long shoot mission vs Sansha - Pirate Invasion - you have like only 7 ships which drop loot and it is very lousy/little. The only exceptions are missions vs faction ships - they drop tags and more or less decent loot and those juicy EoM missions like Gone Berserk. What is the reason for it ?

Thank you and fly safe.

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they scuttle their boats

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Because even at L3 missions I can turn around after making 3.5 million in bounties and mission pay with a salvage ship and clear another 10m, mostly from rig salvage.

Same sort of thing for L4s, unless its a empire tags mission or has something like sentient drone chip drops the overwhelming value of the mission is in the salvage. Set up a Noctis or cheap knock off salvage destroyer and vacuum the wrecks for everything.


You want more loot on top of those millions of highsec ISK?


Add 5 salvage drones to the 10 light drones in your drone bay, it should be all the drones you will ever need for a level 4.

Most missions salvage still wont make you a ton but some you can make around 10 mil more in just salvage. This is not normal unless its a big mission.

To answer your main question here, I believe with LP, isk payouts and salvage they very much limit loot on missions. Heck you can read off Uniwiki all the nerfs they have done over time to missions and limiting drops. It seems they don’t want to reward you too well for working standings and unless you are doing burner missions it isn’t a very high paying activity.

Up until recently Rogue Drone missions were completely worthless for loot. There are only two (Rogue Drones, Informant) that have decent loot drops now. Salvaging wrecks yields considerably less than just running another mission…

i think ive had some drops from rogue drones worth 40-50m
i think they were like ai cores or something used for industry
the little blue circle things

this mission


gave you 5 x Elite Drone Ai

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not anymore ?

The loot table has gotten pretty screwed up over the years with all the changes to modules. Initially they removed all plain tech 1 items as they were providing too many minerals, most got replaced with metal scraps, and then the meta 1-4 items got condensed into the compact/enduring/scoped/restrained mods.

Seems like you have a roughly 50/50 chance on if a wreck will have loot or not, and then a 50/50 chance on if it’s a metal scrap or some meta items. If someone wants to go out and try to make up some loot tables have fun.

that said it’s hard to care as looting/salvaging pays very little and slows you down. It’s pretty much always better to complete the mission and move on to the next for the bounty + reward + lp. If they changed it to give more loot, that would just push loot prices down even more making it a rather useless change.


Not really. the price of minerals would not go down, thus items that can be refined would keep same value (eg the meta hic bubbles)

The price of minerals is already going down, so adding more minerals would likely push prices down even more.

A lot of modules drop from missions.

The reason they aren’t worth much is that if they were valuable they’d attract more bots to the loot everything style of missioning until the value collapsed.

More loot would just lower the prices of said loot. There is no point in having lots of it, as long as there are too many people gathering it.

Too bad the thing you quoted is absolute hogwash. If Highsec missioning was that profitable, everyone would be doing it.


That quote was from the the Thread Opener himself. He claims to get " 35m to 55m always" from missions and yet complains about the mission loot. Intresting twist, isn’t it? He wrote about multiboxing alpha accounts too what makes me believe he just makes things up.

Oh, it’s the same author, my bad. I dunno, he must be a troll or something. Or just really clueless.

the mission loot is junk in high sec. ccp did this change intentionally. it used to be a solid 30 mil plus for any given lv 4 after salvaging.

edit: to add, I never even ran the anoms in high sec because of how terrible the payouts were. if ccp’s reason to control the economics is bots, well then the game suffers a much larger issue and the changes to lower players income has only been a bandaid.

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Maybe, but looking at the economic report I’d guess a lot more drops in nullsec. And with citadel proliferation it’s easier than ever to stash loot. If any of it is valuable it can be JF’d and sold in jita, the rest can be reprocessed.

Some missions really seem to have been nerfed of late in terms of loot (not implant) drops. Two examples that I noticed are Damsel and Beserk (both yield about 4-5m ISK less). On the other hand, I’ve sometimes pulled 1-2m in salvage from Guristas wrecks where I got SFA previously. Go figure…

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