Why were moth apis attacking me? NPC?

I was doing career quest for industry/mining and I think I was in a hi sec zone because I was only one warp away from the school dock zone, but moth apis started attacking me so I had to evacuate. I looked at their names (there were two of them) and it didn’t have a faction name, just appeared red, and said Moth Api, so I’m guessing they were not player ships? What’s going on? I thought I was going to safe mine in a high sec zone.

first off, there is no “safe” space anywhere unless you are in tutorial space area. or doing the SOE arc.

As far as the Moth Api:

Rogue drones are hi-tech drones that have the ability to manufacture themselves. Rogue drone hives can be found throughout the universe of EVE and are a constant menace to space travelers. Threat level: Very Low

whether you are in high, low, null, worm, or trig space, NPC’s will always be around to harrass you.

IIRC, the briefing should explain about any hostiles you’ll encounter while doing the career missions.


Yeah, some minor npc foes will attack you, but don’t worry, two drones in the Venture can handle them easily. You need some initial drone skills, of course.


Some of the career agent missions specifically teach you this by sending you to mine some Ore in a location and having a 100% chance of an NPC spawning to attack you. You need to kill the NPC and mine the ore you need before you will be able to complete the mission.

This is the games way of teaching you that NPCs and players can attack you while out in space. And while it is more rare in High Sec, and if a player does it they will get Concord shooting them afterwards, it can still happen. This is meant to teach you to be careful, watch your surroundings, and either know when to leave or fit your ship to have some defense as well. Or if you’re mining in a group have people to handle that for you.

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