Will CONCORD Be Removed?

I have been reading that other games have removed the law enforcement aspect from their games in protest over the recent events taking place.

Is CCP going to remove CONCORD in protest as well?

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My understanding is that CONCORD has become redundant with CODE and their enforcers :thinking:


In what way has concord become redundant?

They have never stopped criminal activity only punished. And over the years the time it took was reduced as well.

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Which games?


:red_circle: CONCORD is not a police force that can be compared to contemporary police. CONCORD only punishes actual criminal behavior and is unbribable, therefore there is no need to remove CONCORD Quite the contrary, CONCORD is a shining beacon of integrity.


CONCORD is already restricted to about 30% of the systems in known space - less than 20% if you include wormholes. If you want to play without CONCORD interference, you can. If you want to play without CONCORD interference in highsec, simply set your safety to green!

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I am 100% in favor of dismantling the suprasocial institution of CONCORD, which is nothing but an abhorrent oppression tool of the heteronormative scumbag empire patriarchy.

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Doesn’t even make sense to protest police brutality like this.

All these games, assuming this is real, have “police” for a reason.
When you remove it, the last thing that’s going to decrease is brutality.

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Another obvious troll post by the op.


Sure, they’ll replace them with Triglavians.

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list the games that actually did it or go home.


Or go home? Lol…try searching Google yourself. I ain’t your BGTWS!

Another obvious “troll comment” made by a troll.

If you can’t engage in a conversation but can only post “its a troll OP.” Then you are a troll. Probably the smelly type as well, with arm pit cheese that has been there for months.

It is not my job to validate YOUR claims, You know. Everyone can make broad claims with nothing substantial to back them up, but don;t be surprised nobody takes You seriously if You do.


Did you not know…

This is how the new age works. Facts don’t matter… just perception or warped opinions.

When you request facts your met with violent accusations.


Seriously, you came here claiming something yet provide nothing for others to look at.
You know very well that this behaviour makes no sense whatsoever.

Of course people can look for themselves, but that’s completely beside the point. Furthermore is it not always possible for people to find what others are talking about. For some reason, in today’s age, “googling”, or finding information and knowing how to find it, is an actual skill.

Okay, so because the OP’s being a small syringe meant for douching body parts …
… I’ve took a look at the matter.

This is the only thing on the first result page I can find using the following keywords:

“video games changes police”, “game reaction brutality”,
“game reaction police”, “video game police brutality”

The only game company that made a small change was Epic,
removing cop cars from FortNite.


The OP got excited about a single company doing a single small thing …
… and his self fueling hype made him believe other companies will follow suit.

This thread is thus “rumour mongering”, as it spreads the rumour that video game companies are reacting to the batshit crazy events that are happening in the US, which means it also leans into politics and thus should be closed.


Excuse me … am I doing this right? :blush:


Fortnite… Sounds exactly the type of game I envisioned the OP would and should play.


Meh. Better let the thread die.


Also… not knowing fortnite I assume that cop car has no purpose or game mechanic that will break if it is removed… like concord will break EVE if removed from highsec.