Wine-staging 5.22 Broken?

Running Arch Linux, using the normal EVE Launcher with dxvk.
Upgraded wine-staging to 5.22-1 and the EVE client now freezes on start at Authenticating and eventually crashes. Going to do some investigation tomorrow time permitting.
Anyone else having issues?

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I also saw this with 5.22 so reverted to 5.0.3

I can confirm all working fine on 5.21-1 from the Arch repos (after reverting).

winehq-staging5.22(dxvk-1.7.2) is no good, Same as the report
5.21 is good
Debian stable

Seeing the same thing on Manjaro. Will try 5.21-1. Thanks Prometheus.

Just logged in to say thanks. This thread saved me a lot of time hunting down the problem :slight_smile:

5.22 is also broken on Fedora.

5.22 also broken on Ubuntu. Downgrading to 5.21 works

5.22-staging also broken on Gentoo

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with version 6.0rc2 no problems anymore :smiley:

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