Winter Storm Constellations

Is there a way to keep track of which systems have these constellations? I remember running them in Dantan and Virette, but the storms seem to move. So I just took out destoryer and fitted it to sub 2 align, and then started looking for that, found it, but then the next week it moved again. This happened a third time. And once again I’m now just making jumps to find where they moved.

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F10 Old Map > Star Map > Stars >Metaliminal Storms filter.

However, this filter shows all storms and not just the winter nexus storms. Since the original combat storms only appear in or near null sec, you can ignore everything outside of the high sec bubble. Other than that, no, no way.



The same filter in the new map:
2nd icon (looks like a gear) → Geography and Statistics → Metaliminal Storms

As Zhalyd said it shows all storms. In high sec and low sec the storms are all event related, so they are easy to find.

If you are planning on finding them in nul sec, you can differentiate between event storms and other types by using an external resource like the ‘stormtracker’ on Eve-Scout.

Edit: I forgot to mention, another way to find them is to use event “Ice Storm Filaments” to jump to them. (You can choose high, low or nul sec storms) Although keep in mind they will send you to a random storm, so you can end up anywhere on the map.

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