Coming Soon: Metaliminal Storms in Nullsec

Hello folks! Today we are sharing some work-in-progress details of a new feature that is planned to arrive later this month: Metaliminal Storms.

The massive Triglavian invasion and stellar manipulation throughout empire space, along with heavy capsuleer use of abyssal and needlejack filaments, has begun to cause unexpected side effects at the periphery of the New Eden star cluster. Chaotic storms of abyssal energy have appeared in nullsec space and are slowly moving from system to system through the gate network. These storms affect capsuleer vessels in numerous ways, providing new challenges and opportunities for capsuleers across the nullsec frontiers.

These storms apply system effects (like the ones that can be currently found in the abyss, wormhole space, or incursions) to a cluster of systems stretching out from a central system.
Each storm will have a core of systems (the central system plus the systems one jump away) that contain the strongest system effects, as well as a periphery of additional systems (the systems two and three jumps away from the core system) with weaker versions of the effects. In addition to the system effects, the core systems will also have additional sites spawning that can be discovered by players who venture into the storm for riches.
These storms will move around nullsec space slowly like hurricanes. Each storm will move at a cadence between 24 and 48 hours, and each time the storm moves, the central system will move exactly one jump through the standard jumpgate network. The storms will move using a slightly modified random walk algorithm that will attempt to avoid doubling back on itself unless it has no other valid options. In this way, the movement of the storms will have a limited amount of predictability. If the edge of a storm is currently 5 jumps away from your home system, you’ll know that the soonest it can possible reach you is in 5 days, but you won’t know for sure whether it will come towards you or veer in another direction.

The central system of these storms will always remain in nullsec, but the effects can spill over into nearly lowsec and highsec systems as well.

We are currently planning to start with eight storms at once roaming around nullsec, two each from four storm “types”. The number of storms and the type of storms can be adjusted over time, and we want to add and remove storm types over time to keep things fresh.

The initial four storm types are all based on abyssal deadspace weathers leaking into known space, so they each include weaker versions of the abyssal enviromental effects, supplemented with new effects that are aimed at providing variety to nullsec gameplay.

Nullsec Metaliminal Storm Effects

Strong Metaliminal Gamma Ray Storm Weak Metaliminal Gamma Ray Storm Strong Metaliminal Electrical Storm Weak Metaliminal Electrical Storm
-25% Explosive Resists -10% Explosive Resists -25% EM Resists -10% EM Resists
+25% Shield HP +10% Shield HP -25% Capacitor Recharge Time (Buff to cap recharge) -10% Capacitor Recharge Time (Buff to cap recharge)
-90% Remote Shield/Armor Rep Amount -50% Remote Shield/Armor Rep Amount +25 Virus Coherence +10 Virus Coherence
+25% Capacitor Capacity +10% Capacitor Capacity +50% Probe Strength +20% Probe Strength
-25% Signature Radius -10% Signature Radius No Cloaking No Cloaking
Spawning extra Rogue Drone combat sites No change to site spawning Spawning extra relic sites No change to site spawning
Strong Metaliminal Plasma Firestorm Weak Metaliminal Plasma Firestorm Strong Metaliminal Exotic Matter Storm Weak Metaliminal Exotic Matter Storm
-25% Thermal Resists -10% Thermal Resists -25% Kinetic Resists -10% Kinetic Resists
+25% Armor HP +10% Armor HP +50% Scan Resolution +20% Scan Resolution
+50% Weapon Damage +20% Weapon Damage -25% Mining Laser Cycle Time (Buff to mining speed) -10% Mining Laser Cycle Time (Buff to mining speed)
-50% Turret/Drone Tracking Speed -20% Turret/Drone Tracking Speed +100% Warp Speed +40% Warp Speed
+50% Missile/Fighter Explosion Radius (nerf to missile precision) +20% Missile/Fighter Explosion Radius (nerf to missile precision) -25% Local Armor/Shield repairer cycle time (Buff to rep/second) -10% Local Armor/Shield repairer cycle time (Buff to rep/second)
Spawning Triglavian combat sites No change to site spawning Spawning extra ore anomalies No change to site spawning

We are planning to release this feature within the next month, and we’ll begin public testing on Singularity soon. We’re very interested in what you folks think about this feature. What do you think about the opportunities and challenges provided by the proposed storm effects above? What storm effects are you hoping to see us release in the future?


Hello folks! This post will contain details of the changes we’ve made to the plan thanks to your feedback and testing, as well as some answers to frequently asked questions.

Changes thanks to your feedback:

  • A number of players have raised concerns about the proposed increase in warp disruption and scramble range in the Gamma Ray Storm. The intent behind this effect was to combine with the reduction in remote rep effectiveness to create bloodier fights by causing more players in group pvp engagements to be caught when disengaging. However some of you have raised solid points about the way this effect would reduce counterplay to scramblers and disruptors too much and may cause enough frustration to outweigh the benefits.
    After some consideration we agree and we are adjusting the proposal for the Gamma Ray Storm.
    The disruptor/scrambler range bonus has been replaced by a bonus to capacitor capacity.
    Thanks to everyone who has passed along constructive feedback so far via this thread, by talking to the CSM, and through social media. We’ll keep reading your feedback and making more adjustments as necessary.


Q) Do the effects in these storms apply to structures and/or NPCs?
A) The effects of the Metaliminal storms only apply to player ships and ship-based equipment. They do not impact structures or NPCs. In this way these storms are similar to the effects in wormhole/invasion/incursion systems.

Q) Can the storms overlap?
A) Yes they can! The storms may occasionally pass through the same locations at the same time, and when that happens the effects will stack. It’s theoretically possible (but would be extremely rare) for all eight storms to stack up in one incredible temporary superstorm.

Q) How will players be able to keep track of the locations of the storms?
A) The Metaliminal storms will all appear in the ingame map so players can view their locations there.

Q) When will these storms arrive?
A) We are currently testing the storms and the release date depends on how that testing goes. We currently expect the first storms to appear on Tranquility during August.


oO no cloaking.

/me feels a disturbance in the force, as if a thousand cloaky campers died in terror.


Will the explosion radius bonus affect edencom ships?


Is this CCP interfering with another nullsec war?


Yep! Basically if you live in nullsec you are Hillmar’s enemy #1. You interfere too much with his denim worship.


It’s possible, but CCP did announce releasing these types of “weather anomalies” at Eve Vegas 2019.


Can´t wait to see couple of such storms messing with warzone.



WTF, Wandering Triangle Failures come to nullsec at last. :small_red_triangle:


I look forward to the galaxy brain takes this thread will produce.

CcP mAnIpUlAtInG tHe WaR


nice another change that will affect small alliance over big blocks that have multiple regions to avoid these in.

Like if you’re an alliance that owns like 2 systems. This will lock you out for 48hrs


This will lock you out of what exactly?


Once again CCP showing us that if you live in Null Sec and you are having fun, they want you to get fcked.


If I wanted to deal with abyssal effects I would do abyssal content.


If your alliance controls 2 systems… well… what else to you expect except being stomped on by everything bigger than you?


You need to give players a way to identify where storms are at… it needs to be displayed on the route indicators, and ideally it needs to be big and very obvious on the gate graphics that there’s a storm on the other side

otherwise this is a massive defenders advantage in null


Let the tears of null sec players begin


All I see here is ccp is way off base of what nullsec players are interested in. The gamma storm is a content killer


You are aware that after you restricted Cyno use on Force Recons and Blops the only thing keeping cynos usable is to cloak them? And now you are telling me that you are introducing this changes in the middle of a war? For real… you guys have litally the worst timing ever. Who comes up with those glorious ideas.


Its a surprise. Dont you know CCP yet? They even dont show the minor victory systems and in Agency, despite them being very dangerous for people who havent had conection with Trig invasion content.