WIRED GAMING is looking for just regular people, bro

Nothing flashy. Nothing special. Just formed and looking for some newish bros looking to make isk with risk. If you’re looking for bells and whistles and a well established corp to leech off of, please go somewhere else.

We do most of our ops near Amar, in highsec. Mostly, going to focus on wormhole gas operations as they pay the most and are the easiest for most newish people to get the hang of.

Here are some general rules for our corporation in the making:

We are a group of down-home dudes and chicks, from North America mostly but we also have friends in Europe and Asia in discord. We mostly dabble in wormholing and holecamping, seeing as it makes the most isk for most low skilled people.

To join you must:
1.) Have voice via discord, and not be weird. If you have a strong self-esteem and you’re not a pansy, you will go far.

2.) Have at least 2.5 mil Skill points. We want to help everyone, but thats what the help channel is for. If you want to make your own isk and become independent, we may be able to help you.

3.) Be calm cool and collected with differing opinions. You can be a commie and I can be a cappie, but if we can’t disagree cordially like adults then we are both children and our opinions, collectively, are ■■■■.

4.) Take a f#@%ing joke. All of us can, so can you. You’re not the center of the universe.

5.) Bring something to the table. Our strength isn’t in numbers, it’s in loyalty. We want to recruit people who are genuinely decent dudes and chicks. And the complicated spectrum in-between.

If interested, shoot a message. Or mail Jake Leggett.

We also play FPS and survival / loot n shoot games together. Eve is a great game, but we take breaks from time to time to play other games or have our real lives. We understand that on your part; we only kick inactive members after 3 months. Come talk to us, we are genuine and don’t hide our intentions. Which, I can assure you, is not the case in every other corporation. I’ve looked, and when you get done lookin’, just remember you can always come over and


Bumping for posterity. :slight_smile:

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