With only a little experience of eve i have decided to do something big

I have decided to make a new character and start a do it yourself character, not allowed to use the market or trade with other players, The only exception is with buying skill books because they are extremely hard to come by and it would take forever to get anywhere

Can anyone give me any advice idk if anyone has ever done a DIY character on EvE before without using the market except for skillbooks and possibly blueprints


That has indeed been done here and there. It will limit some choices, but for now you should be alright. good luck!

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You should give us updates on milestones! :smiley:

I’ve tried this. Run the career agents and you will end up with a couple of decent miners a few frigs and a destroyer. If you are in a pod and you dock at a station where you don’t have a ship you get a free rookie ship, pull the gun off that and put it on one of the frigs from the career agent. You may have to do that a few times depending on how many guns the frig needs. Use that to kill rats till the rats drop some better weapons and you can upgrade the frig. Over time you’ll have enough guns to fit out the destroyer and you can go for harder rat instances. You’ll probably need to buy blue prints to make ammo since the rats don’t drop as much as you use to kill them. ENJOY!

Did it once for one of the ship blueprints rewarded by an epic arc. Mined everything myself, got the nullsec ores from wormholes. Was fun the first time but a bit of a grind … wouldn’t do again.

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An interesting approach to the game. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:
Please write now and then how things are going.

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Tbh this isn’t a challenge so much as the best way to start out anyway. If you run through all the career agent missions and then the SOE epic arc looting as you go you will be sitting with a very solid foundation to move on from.

Paging @Gadget_Helmsdottir , your organ donor intern has arrived.

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I decided to make a youtube series about my journey it’s only really going to be for myself cause i suck at commentary but i’ll be making weekly videos about it.


  1. Throw NOTHING away. Recycle it if it’s completely useless to you and keep the minerals.
  2. Come up with an inventory system. Tossing everything in the main hold works for a while, but you’ll eventually need to find your stabilizers in that mess in less than five minutes.
  3. Salvage Everything. (and learn which salvage drops where).
  4. Make mining fun. (Gadget tends to “Help” in certain channels)
  5. Learn PI.
  6. Be patient or be focused.
  7. Find an outlet. Going full Indy can get boring. Branch out and find somehting to waste your newly built parts on, or use an alt. I used an RvB alt to waste Gadget’s stuff.

Lastly… learn when to “bend” your own rules. There are some specific parts that Gadget can’t make too easily as she doesn’t own a moon… Yet.

Counselor Gadget

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