This is me, the character is for sale.


+7 Standing (With Connections) to:
Caldari (+7 standing WITHOUT connections here, for low low fees in Jita). (CN is 8.04 without connections)


So if you want to trade in Jita and Amarr, here you go.

Faction Puller

This bad boy can pull all level 4 and 5’s in the above factions. If something is too busy, just jumpclone to another system.

FW missioner

Can fly a Jackdaw and has 400k in missile skills. Should be able to do most level 4 fw missions.

Elite Clone AI harvester

Can fly around caldari hisec and harvest the elite drone AI mission. Do that and the blitzable missions and this will get you major isk. Once you get the Elite drone AI mission you can run it every day for a week. I can link to the post that describes how to. I prefered the Typhoon over the raven for this, and have skilled into it (cruise missile and MJD). I can share a great fit for that. This is literally carrier ratting or level 5 income in hisec. There’s another way to make isk that stacks with this “method” that is super sneaky and I would be happy to share it with the buyer.

BPO inventor

Research 10 BPOs at a time for more isk!

1 remap available, and a full rack of plus three’s installed.

+wallet. +sec status. No kill rights. In highsec, docked.

MANY extra skillbooks installed. (Amarr frieghter and Orca for example)

I pay the fee.

Do not message me in game as I am playing my other characters. Post here, I will reply.

Starting bid: 8 Billion.

Sale will end after MONDAY DOWNTIME.

i can give u 5bil, isk ready.

6b offer

6.5bil now

This is my bump. I’ll count those offers above as non-binding bids.

The bids at 6.5 bil! I may not sell it for that, (It’s non binding for me too!)

So bid higher!

7.5 b/o valid for next 24h

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