[WLVS] Lone Wolf Union Provibloc member is recruiting

Lone Wolf Union is a mid-sized corporation operating in Providence as part of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, a sov-holding NRDS coalition member alliance. We are looking for pilots interested in living in a challenging and active PvP area to join us as we continue to grow and develop as a highly stable organization. Corp members uphold NRDS rules of engagement, and operate throughout the cluster in all types of space. Full SRP, constant fleets, and well-developed industrial infrastructure are all available. Lone Wolf Union operates with a laid-back, no drama mantra and places real life and member enjoyment first and second, respectively. Please hop in our recruiting channel or mail a recruiter with any questions. Full account ESI screenings and interview are standard recruiting policies. Most of the corp memberbase resides in North America, but there are active player across all timezones.



bump <3

I am being Used to be in it.

It is absolutely an awesome corp guys.

Especially the CEO .

Left for Private reason but yeah consider it
as your choice and sacrifice your self for it.

You will understand when u join.

My regard to you Kym :slight_smile: .

Thanks anas, hope you’re well :slight_smile:

bump <3

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