Lone Wolf Union - Fun & Profit in Providence

Lone Wolf Union [WLVS] is a no-nonsense group of players that have lived in Providence for a decade and are proud members of ‘The Rouge Consortium’ alliance. We are proud to call Providence our home and to live and thrive in this enviroment.

We offer a highly stable, low turnover, and mature enviroment. For the industrial-minded, we offer the infrastructure to build the biggest ships in the game. We have outposts and infrastructure in null, low, and high sec space.

We are RL friendly and a learning organization, not killboard ragers or elite PVP jerks. Come join us in some of the most exciting and sometimes challenging space in the game!!

What we offer/you can expect:
-0.0 SOV Null Space (Rats, Ore, PI, Moons)
-Corp Buyback Purchase Program
-Corp & Alliance Freighter/JF Logistics
-Corp Infrastructure to build everything in the game
-A friendly and active corp leadership team
-ISK incentive for FCs and refferals (Tell a Friend!!)
-Plenty of PVP Oppurtunities and SRP (Alliance and Coalition)

What we ask of you:
-At least 2.5 million Skill Points (waiverable for the right pilot, we are new pilot friendly!!)
-No Alpha accounts
-A desire to be part of our team!

Want to learn more? Join our In-Game Recruitment Channel: [WLVS]recruitment or Join our Corp Discord: https://discord.gg/B55P9eJU8u.

Stop by and have a chat, you’ll be glad you did!

At Lone Wolf Union we believe Eve is a hobby, not a game. Game entertain you, but Eve is so much more that just a simple game.

We believe you get out what you put in. Come see if you have a future with the WLVS today!!

You have tried the rest, now join the best!!

Come have a chat with us!

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