Long-time Provibloc corp Lone Wolf Union (WLVS) is recruiting

WLVS is a no-nonsense group of players that have lived in Providence for a decade. Highly stable, low turnover. ISK incentive for FCs, full SRP. For the industrial-minded, we offer the infrastructure to build the biggest ships in the game.

Providence (and the NRDS ethos) is challenging and busy, you won’t get anything handed to you on a platter. People interested in watching their wallet grow endlessly with no effort should look elsewhere. But if you succeed here, know you can succeed anywhere. Fly with the satisfaction of having earned something.

Evemail Kym Sorenson ingame, or look us up and hop in our recruiting channel. Amarr Victor!

New players welcome. Referral ISK for bringing buddies.

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