WoE: Hope & New Beginnings [NewBZ]

Wallz of Esoteria, or WoE for short is a dynamic help channel aimed at providing new players with abundant opportunities at the beginning of their Eve careers.

We are not a corp. We are an open-access chat channel. We provide open and cooperative gameplay through our channel adverts to encourage beginners to have fun and fly together without the burden of having to look for a corp and be disappointed by failed expectations while learning the game. Why join a corp when there are hundreds of players around willing to team up with you and do exciting stuff?

We run casual ops like mining, pvp, missions and more recently have started exploring the idea of an incursion group. All activities are open to players who wish to join.

As well as the above, the WoE channel is a place where you can come and banter about any topic, whether you are new or an older player.

To join the channel please send an in-game mail to Natocha Daisy and I will forward you the link.

Fly Safe.


Always nice to see help chat channels available.

I hope you much success and good luck.


They have a pretty awesome Discord channel too ~_~


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