Wolffe Venture Harvesting - Hisec based industrial corporation recruiting all skill levels

Welcome capsuleer!

By opening this post you have already made a great first step in joining the corp that at least one person (me) has called the greatest corp in the universe!

We are currently based in Khanid space where we have set up shop in a quiet system with an abundance of ore. We have access to a refinery and engineering facilities with labs and manufacturing slots. And since we’re in a .5 system, we also have moon mining up and running.

Right now the short term goal of the corp is to recruit a stable group of players to enable us to go out and set our mark on New Eden. In a longer-term perspective, we want to become a powerhouse in the highsec industry segment. We plan to expand operations into other security zones with time, and with that comes the need to be able to defend ourselves. To achieve this we are going to encourage pilots to get out there and shoot more than asteroids.

Who are we looking for?

  • Any skill level
  • Good attitude
  • Willing to learn
  • Able to cooperate with a group

What do we offer?

  • Industry infrastructure
  • Relaxed environment
  • Experienced leadership
  • Boosted mining fleets
  • Ore buyback program for your convenience
  • Refinery access
  • A learning environment both for PvE and PvP

If any of this sound appealing to you, please send an eve mail to me (Carth Wolffe) and/or join the channel " Wolffe public" in game for a chat.

See you in space!

We are still looking for more able bodies to help us rid New Eden from the threat of asteroid belts!

Once again, just pushing this to the top to remind everyone that Wolffe Venture Harvesting is still open for new recruits looking for a good corp!

We are still looking for industrialists of any skill level!

Slowly growing, always recruiting!

We’re still looking for miners of able body and mind!

Come by our public channel for a chat if you got any questions!

Same as yesterday, we’re recruiting any and all pilots that are interested in industry!

Now with 100% more corp ore buyback than yesterday!

Still open for industrialists of all skill levels!

Drop by our public channel for any questions!

Even today we are accepting new members!

Stop by for a chat!

We are still looking for industrialists! More at 11.

What time zone do you operate in?

We have players in both US and EU time zone, but the majority of players are EUTZ.

Come moon mine with us!

Still open for business!

Come help us mine our moon ore!

Are we recruiting? Of course we are!