Wondering Misfits - High Sec Industrial Incursionists - Recruitment CLOSED

Wondering Misfits
Are you a misfit wondering where your home is? That’s where we were.
Come home Wonderer. You’re missing out.

Formed by misfits, our small corporation is reinforced with big ideas and motivations… we strive to be an industrial power providing a friendly & welcoming environment to all that interact with us. From newer, returning, or even misfits still looking for a home, the answer is to become a Wonderer.

Eve is life, but real life will always come first. Nothing is required or will ever be mandatory. Enjoy New Eden as it comes in and out of your day to day. Your home away from home will always be around.


We come from the roots of industrialists… which is mining, building, researching, reactions and so much more. These varied industrialists are matched against other pilots that have fallen in love with other paths Eve offers. From Amarrian Supremacists to die hard incursion runners, we host many types of players in our corporation.

What We Offer:

  • Rotational moon mining operations available every week
  • Highsec buy-back program at competitive rates
  • Coaching sessions with experienced pilots
  • Frequent Vanguard Armor Incursion fleets
  • Nearby mission running opportunities
  • Friendly to newbros & veterans

Still interested? Join our Discord and come say hi! You can also hop in our in game channel WOND Recruitment

Some laid back incursion running :slight_smile:

Join our discord if interested in things like incursions and mining! :slight_smile:

Plenty of mining to be had in our little home! :smiley:

Kind of like watching paint dry? :joy:

Recruiting newbros and veterans alike, join our discord and take a peak!!

I’m out at some race events this weekend, but we’re still recruiting as always :slight_smile:

Recruiting all Timezones. Looking for industrial, mining, PvE running pilots!

Productive running from this focus!

Are you a misfit wondering where your home is? That’s where we were.

Come home Wonderer. You’re missing out.

Looking for Misfits looking for a long-term home :slight_smile:


Something about me: I’m a Motorsport fan… so I enjoy things like Formula One, my favorite team being Mercedes! (this is Toto Wolff, the team boss)

Boop Bop here’s a bump for the recruitment top

Bumpity Bump

Leh Boop

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