Working As Intended Ltd - Recruiting PvP Pilots and Industrialists With Claws

Working As Intended Ltd is a newly founded player vs player corporation that is based on the idea of enjoying the game as a group. We are new pilot and alpha clone friendly, currently based in high security space for ease of operations while building our ranks and experience. This is not a PVE only corporation though. There will be weekly new player friendly roams, with the goal of daily pvp and pve fleets as our ranks grow. We are looking for pilots who are willing to learn and take calculated risks. We are currently war ineligible(this will change in the future) and have a low tax of 3.5% to help fund corporation ops. There is a no drama/toxicity policy, and any such behavior will not be tolerated. We are also open to experienced pilots. Stop by Working As Intended Ltd Recruitment or contact me in game. Full ESI for security purposes will be required.

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