Working with Spill values

On my PI sheet I have a cell where the total number of active extractor heads are shown.


This works fine as long as there is only a single extractor. Once I add a second extractor the cell now shows a #SPILL error due to the result sending back a result for each extractor.

I can massage the formula to show me the total umber of heads:


Is there a way to massage this further to return only the sum of heads and to the #SPILL result?

Can you elaborate further on the “and to the #SPILL result?” part on what you are trying to achieve?

I’m unsure if you are trying to combine some planets or what the intended goal you are going for. Spills can be hard to work with, you can TRANSPOSE() and it’ll make it go left to right instead, maybe that’s something?

Yeah I bourbon that up right there didn’t I. :slight_smile:

So the I use
the return looks something like:


depending on the umber of extractor heads. This results in the expected #spill error if there is something occupying the cell below it.

Now when I use


it returns something like:


Each line of the spill becomes the sum of all of the extractor heads.

What I want is a way to say, I have pulled the sum (15) and it only returns the single line answer, thus avoiding the #spill error