EVE Online Excel Add-in enhancement request

The new EVE Online Excel Add-In is awesome (if you get it working in your version of ms excell). It lacks one more feature which is to work on Spill range reference.

You can already use built-in excel functions on spill ranges returned by EVE add-in. Like


(let’s suppose it is entered in cell A1)

but you can’t reference that spill range further, like that


(let’s suppose it would be entered in cell B1 and number 44992 is id for PLEX)

but instead you must copy-paste formula


in all the cells along row 2

the same goes for rest of those awesome EVEONLINE.* functions

I’ll look into how CELL# references look when they enter the customsfunctions, otherwise it’s possible to enter an array of ids like blueprintexplosion does.

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