Custom Functions

As title says, I’m looking to shorten a few concatenated functions using VBA
VBA editor doesn’t recognize the add-in functions and I don’t know how to integrate them

plz help


I’ll ask someone in the team if they have any tips for working with VBA editor.
(If it’s possible, I personally haven’t used it with the add-in)
It’s so hard to google things relating to customfunctions and data entities since they’re so new.

Do you have an example function you are trying to utilize and circa your desired outcome, that might help in explaining it.

What about Excel Lambda functions?


If you add this to your “Name Manager” you got a custom function that calls the market stream

One note about LAMBDA is that it doesn’t work with MAP(LAMBDA( of EVEONLINE functions.
Just something to be aware of when using it.

Do we know why the MAP (and BYROW/BYCOL) function doesn’t work with the LAMBDA-EVE combo?

Not sure why, possibly a technical limitation that’s not been documented or is on MS backlog to implement/document.
It’s on my todo to replicate this and submit as an issue to Microsoft.