Add-in Function Documentation

I just started using the Add-in for my manufacturing sheet.
Main question for me is, if there is any official documentation for the Add-in and its functions?

Currently I try to get the Min Sell price and Max Buy Price for Tritanium in a specific region.
I use the EVEONLINE.MARKET_ORDERS_STREAMING(10000002; 34)-function, which returns all orders, not ordered and not filtered for buy or sell order.
The ESI API specifies an order_type parameter. Is that available in the Add-in function as well, or do I have to filter only orders of type Sell and then find the minimum?

Thanks in advance,

Hey, the parameters are explained a bit in Excel itself using the “Insert function” button in desktop excel.
Web seems to not have that option so it’s a bit weird there.

Here is the full technical JSON that’s being loaded by excel. Right now that’s the most informative documentation about the parameters in one place.

Eve x Excel functions.json

But to explain _STREAMING parameters since that’s what you are asking about.

The format is (region_id, type_id_or_entity, sell_buy_only_boolean, location_id)

region_id has to be a number.
type_id_or_entity is either a number for a type, or a cell containing the type as a data entity. For example how .TYPE(type_id) outputs into a cell.
sell_buy_only_boolean will Only show sell if TRUE, only show buy if FALSE, both if left empty
location_id is a number of the station/structure you want the data to be filtered down to, fx. Jita 4-4 is 60003760

Note: We just update the addin to limit _STREAMING functions to 100 per variant of parameters, and the auto update is automatically once per hour. It might be better to use MARKET_HISTORY data for your manufacturing needs.

1.3 has a new parameter for that that will only output the market_history data for the latest date the endpoint contains so you can directly call .average .highest .lowest for prices of completed orders of that type. The format for that would be =EVEONLINE.MARKET_HISTORY(10000002, 587,TRUE) to get Rifter market history in the forge. And you can directly output the .lowest as =EVEONLINE.MARKET_HISTORY(10000002, 587,TRUE).lowest for example

Thanks that really helps!

I will take a closer look into the functions.json file at home!
From my understanding there is no parameter in EVEONLINE.MARKET_HISTORY() that allows to select only buy or sell orders at a specific station, like _STREAMING() does right?

Correct, MARKET_HISTORY is an aggregated function/endpoint taking in completed trades in the region. Makes no distinctions if it’s a buy or a sell order that was fufilled.
If the volume is 0 in a single day it’s ommitted from the data for example.

A low volume item is probably better suited to be using a market_order without the streaming as a 1 hour refresh on that isn’t as critical and using a streaming for it will take up one of the available streaming slots under the new limits. You can always refresh a non-streaming market order function by recalculating the cell and the add-in will then fetch fresh data as long as it’s outside the 5 minute client and server side cache.