How much data can it handle?

Just came back after a few years away and my connected spreadsheet no longer works since evemarketer is gone.

Started with the add-in, got an early invite to it but didn’t play around too much.

Long story short, I am basically only doing Forge Buy and Sell price for items for my station trading.

What is the limit of items I could put on here reasonably and still work?

Right now I’ve got 1000 as a test but I would like to put 10,000 then be able to sort and filter based on profitability.

Just curious if anyone else has pushed the limits of how big it can get before it’s unusable.

The framework doesn’t do great with thousandd+ functions updating at the same time as it can exceed some Javascript heap limits. If you do setup something complicated you’d have to turn off automatic calculation and setup macros or something to only update couple hundred functions at a time. (And not update every 5 minutes, but instead fx. on the hour or something)

Might be more efficient to pull from a 3rd party aggregator, like fuzzmarket api, since you can do many typeids at the same time, and write a python script to convert to .csv that’d you open up in excel.