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Using the new Excel add-in I have been unable to pull large amounts of data, mainly assets. I have tested with a character that has few and one that has many. I can pull the data with the one that has the lesser. The latter returns busy usually followed by either an error or out of memory message.

I know it was stated the Excel Online version would have a problem with large amounts of data.
Do we know the actual limitation of how many items can be gathered using the web version of Excel?

Thank you.

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Excel Online not only can’t cope with Big Data it can’t run Macros. Both are needed by my EVE spreadsheet, which runs on an older desktop PC Excel that won’t run the EVE Excel Add-on.
The alternative is Microsoft 365, the subscription version. It costs £6/month.

My EVE ambition was to make enough ISK to pay for my PLEX. I’ve succeeded in this for the past decade by manufacturing stuff. Yes I’m a freeloader, CCP hates me (joke)! Paying for Microsoft 365 which I don’t need for anything else would negate this. Sure I can afford it, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!

So all CCP need to do now to totally piss me off is to switch off ESI and block my data access because “it’s not needed now we have EVE Excel”.

“If you sup with the devil, use a long spoon” the proverb says. I’m thinking that’s what Microsoft have done.

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The excel plugin is using ESI afaik

Its basically just a glorified ESI library that people can interface with using familiar excel syntax instead of needing to know how to program

Hey there,

For assets in v1.1.1 there is a paging parameter that will slice down your assets into what we believe will return a payload that web excel can load. (1000 per page)

The web doesn’t do a great job of displaying the available parameters but it’s something like this.

.ASSETS(character_id, search_string, location_filter, page)
for a 1 page result using a character_id, the formula would look like this .ASSETS(character_id,1) (notice the empty , for unused filters, it’s weird but needed since passing NULL is handled weirdly)
The search_filter is a filtering items based on the string you enter, based on the name of the item.
You can use the location_filter and enter a station id,structure id or an id of a container in your assets. This will cause the function to filter the results to those assets only and hopefully allowing it to display in excel web, the search and location filters also supports the page parameter. (as long as the input is identical to them)

The reason the web can’t do large lists is due to a 5mb payload limit it hits that causes it to endlessly loop and might crash your tab if left unattended, microsoft has been made aware of this bug and its confusion when the function is forever busy when it already returned long ago, just returned a too large of a dataset for the web. Due to how items can be nested I can’t say for certain when an asset list is going to hit 5mb, since when items are nested inside containers and ships they vary in sizes due to the location field using recursion to some degree to display the full “tree” of the items location.

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