I’m trying to get the list for the active clone’s implants. While I can get it to work with =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_IMPLANT(id) in one cell and then have another cell using it as a reference and adding the funtion .implants. However if I do it all as one single function call it will only show the first implant in the list (as in slot 1).

Am I doing it wrong or is it just an oversight that this function does not quite have the same behaviour as the rest of the functions?


This is a function that can take all signed in characters and display them in a list, with the downside that it loses the functionality to be used as a single cell refence for an array. (Basically if it’s a potential matrix output, excel can’t explode the entire referenced array)

It’s on the backlog to investigate if we can convert these kinds of functions to work like you are expecting it to while also supporting “all signed in characters or ID” functionality.

Since it was released this way, with multi character support, it would be a breaking change to convert it to a “first-signed in character or ID”, which are the functions you can actually do this with.
I’ll try to move this up my priority list so I can see if we can make it work as expected or if we have to make a breaking chance update to this function.