Noob excel question

So i’ve added my characters to excel and everything but when I try adding any of the information is comes back “no value” for everything.


Hi, I have the issue that whatever I want to add in Excel cell, I get #NAME?
It doesn’t matter if I use public functions or the ones tied to my logged-in character. Any idea how to get this add-in to work?

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Can you show an example of what you are putting in the cell … likely missing parameters (like Character ID)

Looks like you may not be logged in? If you click on a seperate cell and then from the functions list click ‘Character Card’ does that work?

From what I see in the picture I dare to claim it’s an i18n issue.

Can you try putting this formula in cell A2?




Have you tried changing your system language to english? You can also force excel to switch to different language via File → Options → Language

Or something like that maybe?
файл → параметры → язык?

I switched my excel to russian and the add-in still works. So maybe it’s something else :confused:
There is free web based version of Office 365 and I’ve heard people are using the add-in with it.

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