World sound appears to be bugged in stations since the last update

Since the last EVE update, the sound in stations seems to be broken and it sounds very unpleasant. I don’t remember for it being that way before the update. This issue appears at least in player owned structures and Jita.

Macbook Pro (M2 Pro), Sonoma 14.1

Here is a video with the sound

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This is where you went wrong…

I definitely will ask you for advice next time I will be buying a computer

Ignore that idiot. This is one of the reasons why the Eve community has such a bad reputation. I guess some folks have nothing better to do than troll on the forums.

God forbid they actually undock and play the game or something… or give real useful answers on a forum.

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i have the same issue, it also happens on 1 character, not all of them.

also my 1 client is HELL Slow… and trouble loading stuff

and i am NOT on a mac.