[Wormhole] Crazy Space People - Industry/Research/PVP/casual - New player friendly

Crazy Space People
Making the whole greater sum of it’s parts

We are a fun group built around teamwork, communication and respect above all else. Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while working together as a group. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in game.

Our members are committed volunteers that provide support to anyone who wish to join. We fully accept that real life takes precedence over any virtual universe. We believe that each individual is free to choose his or her own path, guided by his or her goals and desires.

Crazy Space People is a wormhole corporation focused on industry, research, mining and PVP. Alpha player friendly and giving preference to new players. Veteran players are welcome. If you are interested to help build a new corporation from the ground and join a well established wormhole alliance join channel CRZE-RECRUIT or join our discord server.

Information :

No drama.
New player friendly.
Real Life Comes First.
We are -0500 EST/EDT timezone.

What we offer :

  • Self sufficient.
  • Strong alliance.
  • Casual play style.
  • Wormhole playstyle.
  • Active discord server.
  • Membership growth.
  • Buyback ore program.
  • Ship doctrine program.
  • Citadel, Refinery and engineering complex.

Contact :

IGN Recruitment : Sole Hunter
Discord : https://discord.gg/5bMUYFY


Hey, I’m really new to EVE but I like to mine with my low level mining. I was wondering if I could join and you could help give me the ropes on playing EVE. I’ll check back often probably not tomorrow, but Monday night. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I would be interest in learning more. Please send me an in-game message.

Sorry for the late response it was christmas. I will send you a message shortly.

Hello, i would like to see if i could chat with you Mr Sole Hunter for a few. no rush

message sent.

Vet looking to teach and help give a boost to you guys. contact me to speak more.

this sounds chill. can i join?

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