Wormhole PVP/Indy Corp Looking for Newbros and vets

The coprp is run by a vet eve player who is now back in game full time and offering full training for new bros and also a welcoming home for other vets :smiley:

We are happy to accept alphas aswell, offering free starter ships/skills + full training in all things exploring to allow you to earn money solo or in a group with corp and alliance members.

High level passive PI income is available for those wishing to take advantage.

Mining Boosts offered in high sec and a variety of structures/wormholes offered through the corp and alliance.

Active PVP fleets within various NPSI communities and our own inhouse roams/camps.

Alliance wide buyback schemes for ice and PI.

Alliance SRP scheme also setup for any inhouse fleets/defence fleets.

EU Timezone for Ceo and will mainly be recruiting EU players but other time zones are welcome as we grow.

If you like to provoke people to do stuff like this -

then you will definately have lots of fun going out with us on fleets with our friends.

No minimum SP requirements, full API is required and a mic is required.

Join our in-game channel “B.B.I Recruitment” to chat with us or convo my self/princess abbie or reply on the forums.

Happy Hunting!

Still open for recruitment :smiley:

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