Wormhole Static's K162 Spawn Delayed or Prevented?

I am getting conflicting information about static/K162 spawn mechanics from proper wormholers and need to find actual recognized/authoritative documentation.

It was my understanding that once your new static spawns, after a roll or it expires, that if you do not scan it down right away, there can be some delay before it spawns the K162 side for randos in empire space to scan down and enter your wormhole.

I am getting a conflicting opinion from another proper wormholer, affiliated with big wormhole names, saying that if I or my team never scan down the newly spawned static, it will NEVER spawn the K162 side for people outside the wormhole to scan down. The effect being that people inside the wormhole will have ZERO visitors while we have not scanned down our newly rolled statics.

It was my understanding that the K162 will not spawn on its own until the connection has 15hrs or less of life left, after which time it has a chance every few minutes to spawn the K162. What I read SEEMED to be saying that you are pretty much guaranteed that the K162 will spawn within a couple hours of that 15hr mark.

He is the only one asserting that position, but he supports his position invoking names with reputations. Id like to be able to advise my own guys and our friends with certainty one way or another but I cant find anything explicitly saying a statics K162 WILL eventually spawn or WON’T.

If he is correct, it seems to me that before the increased connections, and even now, some/most wormholes would have been inaccessible for days at a time if no one was scanning connections from the entry side, and since wormhole space, nullsec, and lowsec are MOSTLY quiet and empty, people would rarely find their way into wormholes.

Any reference material, dev statements, or opinions based on purposeful observations that you can link would help a lot. I appreciate any help and even just any further opinions or thoughts.


I am seeing old articles/posts where CCP Fozzie says that in 2014 the K162 will not spawn until someone initiates warps to it, BUT that they are LOOKING at implementing the 15hr timer people believe is the system now.

I cannot find anywhere confirmation that the 15hr system WAS implemented or scrapped.

CC Fozzie actually states in one post by him

“Even with the timer, K162s will never appear unless someone has initiated warp to the other side.
If you don’t warp to a wormhole at all, the behavior of that wormhole will not be changing in Hyperion.”

So WTF, why does ANYone think that the K162’s spawn is inevitable? Can someone link documentation or DEV posts saying this DID change after all?

It’s a little confusing as from the devblog:

Although K162 signatures will not appear as soon as a player warps to them (as they do currently), they will have a random chance to appear every several minutes once the wormhole connection has less than 15 hours of natural lifetime remaining.

But in the patchnotes:

K162 appearance only on first jump (or after first warp and less than 15 hours of lifetime remaining)

So while the devblog implies one thing, the patch notes another. Which is actually true is always up for debate given how hard it is to test this, but I’d go with the patch notes.


K162 spawn mechanics is described here:

The most recent sources of information from CCP are provided.

So, in those posts, Fozzie is talking about changes they are thinking about implementing, that they have been putting to the CSM.

But then later the actual patch notes say “K162 appearance only on first jump (or after first warp and less than 15 hours of lifetime remaining)” seeming to say that the K162 appears when there is less than 15 hrs of life left on the connection.

The flowchart says exactly that, for the 15 hours countdown to begin, someone must initiate warp to your new static.

Ah okay. Ty. Their language was a little inexact. Couldnt figure out is first warp and 15hrs were two seperate possible causes they were listing together, or a combination of events that would trigger it. Thank you. So if no one initiates warp, the K162 will NOT become visible- EVER- on the far side.

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