WTA - 108 Mil SP Null Miner/Booster/Hauler


I am for sale and placing this toon up for auction. In addition to the skills as listed here: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Rex_Ruthless
I have also trained all of the moon goo skills plus Reactions to Level 5 but three; Uncommon Ore 5, Exceptional Ore 5, Ubiquitous Ore 5 will be completed in 88 days.

Current subscription expires: 2018.02.15 / 23:50 and so will this sale.

All transfer fees will be paid upon completed sale. Starting bid 50 Bil ISK.

84 billion.

Nice bid… and I appreciate it. I will be available to complete the transfer upon receipt of ISK most anytime today.

Transferring ISK soon.

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

ISK received and transfer complete… login & PW arriving in-game.

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you and fly safe.

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