SOLD WTS 10 mil sp miner hauler

(Furuzan) #1

I’m selling this toon

positive wallet
No kill rights
have 3 jump clones one of them in Jita.
Shes not located in Jita atm cos i use her atm. But once i found a buyer i’ll bring her to jita 4-4

Eveboard doesn’t show moon mining skills but she has exceptional moon ore processing skill at level 4 so she can mine exceptional moon ores with t2 crystals, also has rare ore processing at lvl 3 so shes 4 days away from t2 rare moon ore equipment.
Also she can fly amarr t2 industrial ships, amarr ceptors, amarr cov ops, expedition frigates, has cloaking at lvl 4 and has average scanning skills and can use t2 gas harvesters.

(ludikonj Dallocort) #2

4B b/o Isk ready now, online

(Brock Khans) #3 shows moon skills :sunglasses:

(Nicce Chick) #4

4.25 B ISK Ready Now

(Beekillrz) #5


(Absolute Truth) #6

5b offered

(Beekillrz) #7


(Absolute Truth) #8

5.7b offered

(Beekillrz) #9


(Overshot Runway Again) #10

6.5 Bill and a lot of good karma

(BIlly Zatekii) #11

When is auction likely to end, under what conditions?

I’m interested in your character, but not if you are going to drag the auction out forever.


(Furuzan) #12

7.5B is B/O but i will sell her to Overshot Runway Again if noone bids higher than 6.5B within 24 hours. Thanks for all the previous offers.

(Vyechney Nokov) #13

7.6 bil

(Furuzan) #14

Vyechney Nokov i accept your offer please send isk and account info then i will initiate character transfer.

(Overshot Runway Again) #15

Just let me know if it falls through. I’ll go 7B.


(Furuzan) #16

ok i guess he changed his mind. she is yours please send isk (7B) and account info i will initiate the transfer immediately.

(Overshot Runway Again) #17

Arranging right now.

(Overshot Runway Again) #18

ISK Sent to Furuzan

I needed to delete a character on my account first. I would like Furzon transfered to my second Omega account. I included the account name in the description sending the ISK. I will also send info on direct message.

Please confirm that you received the ISK, and when you complete the transfer, I know there is a 10 hour delay.

Thanks you!

(Overshot Runway Again) #19

She has found a good home and I’m looking forward to putting her skills to use.

(Furuzan) #20

I received isk. and tried to initiate the transfer but it says target user has too many characters please empty a character slot then let me now.