SOLD WTS 10 mil sp miner hauler

I’m selling this toon

positive wallet
No kill rights
have 3 jump clones one of them in Jita.
Shes not located in Jita atm cos i use her atm. But once i found a buyer i’ll bring her to jita 4-4

Eveboard doesn’t show moon mining skills but she has exceptional moon ore processing skill at level 4 so she can mine exceptional moon ores with t2 crystals, also has rare ore processing at lvl 3 so shes 4 days away from t2 rare moon ore equipment.
Also she can fly amarr t2 industrial ships, amarr ceptors, amarr cov ops, expedition frigates, has cloaking at lvl 4 and has average scanning skills and can use t2 gas harvesters.

4B b/o Isk ready now, online shows moon skills :sunglasses:

4.25 B ISK Ready Now


5b offered


5.7b offered


6.5 Bill and a lot of good karma

When is auction likely to end, under what conditions?

I’m interested in your character, but not if you are going to drag the auction out forever.


7.5B is B/O but i will sell her to Overshot Runway Again if noone bids higher than 6.5B within 24 hours. Thanks for all the previous offers.

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7.6 bil

Vyechney Nokov i accept your offer please send isk and account info then i will initiate character transfer.

Just let me know if it falls through. I’ll go 7B.


ok i guess he changed his mind. she is yours please send isk (7B) and account info i will initiate the transfer immediately.

Arranging right now.

ISK Sent to Furuzan

I needed to delete a character on my account first. I would like Furzon transfered to my second Omega account. I included the account name in the description sending the ISK. I will also send info on direct message.

Please confirm that you received the ISK, and when you complete the transfer, I know there is a 10 hour delay.

Thanks you!

She has found a good home and I’m looking forward to putting her skills to use.

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I received isk. and tried to initiate the transfer but it says target user has too many characters please empty a character slot then let me now.