SOLD WTS 10 mil sp miner hauler

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Sent you an in game mail letting you know that I had freed up a character slot last night that took the normal 10 hours to fully delete. That has been completed.

I apologize for the snafu.

The account is ready for the transfer and I am looking forward to flying with Furuzan.

Please be sure to transfer to my account that ends with “3A” that I included with the ISK description and in game emails.

Thank you!

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OK I’m on my way to home atm. I will start it as soon I get home.

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i initiated the transfer. Have fun with her man. Please confirm the transfer after u have it on your account so i can close the topic. Thank you.

(Overshot Runway Again) #25

I received the notification from CCP. Thank you for the good transaction!

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