WTA - 11m SP - Sabre / Stealth Bomber / Cyno 5 / Svipul / Helios Prober / Cybernetics V / Inty

(Sentient Pulse) #1

WTA Myself.



  • Cybernetics V
  • Cyno 5
  • Stealth Bomber capable (Nemesis)
  • Sabre capable
  • Svipul capable
  • Interceptor capable (Gallente)
  • Helios capable (prober)
  • T2 small projectile turret (Auto’s & Arty)
  • Covert Ops V
  • Minmatar Destroyer V
  • Gallente Frigate V
  • 400k unallocated SP.

Jump Clones - 1 x with +3 Learning Implants.

Character location - Jita.
Wallet Balance - will not be negative.
Kill Rights - None.

Bidding starts at 10b.

B/O - make me an offer.

(InsaneBlazer) #2

Hi, I’d like to offer 9b. Isk ready.

(InsaneBlazer) #3

Hey - is the character still for sale?

(Sentient Pulse) #4

yes still for sale.

Thanks for the offer, 9b is a little low.

(InsaneBlazer) #5

I’m willing to pay 10b maximum.

(InsaneBlazer) #6

Soooo… can we make a deal or?

(Sv3n By Night) #7

I’ll offer 10.2 bil.

(Inconspicuous Holder) #8

offer withdrawn, no reply

(Hypatia Dardi) #9

10.5b bill

(Inconspicuous Holder) #10

Offer withdrawn, no reply

(Sv3n By Night) #11

Offer Withdrawn

(Sentient Pulse) #12

apologies been a bit busy with RL, bump.

(Sinickal) #13

BO offer of 10bil

(Sinickal) #14

Sentient, can you confirm if your for sale and buyout please. I’m interested but getting no feedback is a little disheartening.

(Sinickal) #15

Sentient how about a buy out of 11 bil?

If I don’t hear either way in the next 48 hours I’ll assume you have changed your mind as no feedback so far.