Wta: 14m sp

(Klauss Chwitz) #1

can fly ORCA
can shooting from large T2 amarrian gunz.
Remaped on ships and gunz skill training.
1 Remap available.

pass: 12345

S/B - 11 kkk
B/O - 16kkk

(Yaania Odunen) #4

Are you sure? Coz I can access other characters on this forum.

(Red Lola) #6

9 BIL here

(Klauss Chwitz) #7

starting bid - 11 BIL ISK.

(Yaania Odunen) #8

I think the price is too high
Eveboard lists this toon as having 10,146,489 SP
your caption says 14m SP

is there a bug or a typing error?

(Red Lola) #10

8.5bil here

(Yaania Odunen) #11

Have you read the forum rules [Welcome to the Character Bazaar]?

B. Before making your thread

Proof of skillpoint count for the character you are selling must be provided for the auction to be valid. This can be offered in the form of an API verified eveboard profile.
The use of out of date eveboard profiles for character sales is prohibited.

The sell post must reflect the character correctly, posting that the character you’re selling has more skillpoints or ISK than it actually constitutes an attempt at character sales scamming.

(Klauss Chwitz) #13

daily bump

(Klauss Chwitz) #14


(system) #15

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