WTA 23m SP LOGI V Incursion Char B/O lowered

Auctioning Myself


All CCP rules apply

  • Positive Wallet

  • Located in HS

  • TVP required/suggested implanted clone for ADV fit

  • Initial Bid 19b

  • Minimum increments 500m


  • I reserve the right to cancel the auction if a convenient price has not been met

Happy bidding

Bump! Entertaining all offers

16.5b offered

17 bil

Thanks for both offers, havent met minimum Bid, B/O is now disclosed at 22b

Auction will stay on for 48 hours depending on standing offers I’ll make my call

last 24 hrs for the auction, BUMPITTY

cmon peeps she can make around 175mill isk/hr on incursions easy peasy

great moneymaker

18.5b offered

last few hours guys, min bid has not been met, dont miss out on this great char!

19 Bil

Sorry, was afk for a while, please send isk and account info to start transfer process

Current highest bidder and accepted offer is Mister Frankenstein, however he’s been off the grid for 24 hours of his post, allowing him 3 more hours to send isk and account details or auction will continue

Please, if interested, continue posting offers and they will be considered first come first serve basis if sale to winner doesnt go trough.


I have 17b for this char, isk ready, but only if we can do this in the next hour or two.

match the 19 and its yours, cant really sell for 17 as it doesnt match my criteria on min bid i was willing to get

I cant go over 17b, im sorry. If my bid isn’t accepted it will be withdrawn in 2h from this post.

Dont worry mang, thanks for the offer, but I pass, hope you get a good deal within the other chars being sold here

Was away for a day sorry about that will send isk and account info in about 10 hour when home sorry about that

its ok, no problems

once isk and account info is recieved i’ll start transfer process

isk and info send

isk and info recieved, will start process in a few minutes

thanks for purchase

still waiting on transfer?