WTA 27m sp miner/manufacturer


Aria Popovich

Wallet is green, no kill rights, no implants, 2 remaps, no negative standings with hi sec, some skins, will be in Amarr at moment of trade

Duration of auction: 24 hours
Start Bid: 10b
Super Duper B/O: 20b

reserve the right to cancel anytime. Lowballers can ***** ******* ******* ***** ****** ***** in the ***** ****** ******


Not as much as you want but 16.5 from me

should be in an npc corp.

is in npc corp, cannot initiate transfer if in player corp… -.-

actually, 16.5 sounds ok, so if you want, send the isk and account details

16b, valid 1h

@Aria_Popovich Convo or mail me ingame to confirm and I will send isk

isk received from Gary Bell, waiting for conf on account details, agreed 10 hours from now

Eve mail sent and isk sent. Transfer to start in 10 hours

Slot is open and ready

transfer done to account provided in mail

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