[SOLD] 43 million Sp Trade/PI/Miner/Trans/JF

WTA Bidding will start at 26 bill, B/O at 30 (buy out has been adjusted)

She is Part way to a Rorqual, can fly a Rhea and has Jcal 5
She also has perfect PI skills


shes is in Jita Npc corp

will pay to transfer, has + 5 implants

no Assets, isk positive


26 bill is the minimum Bid, but thankyou for the offer!

In fact, ill leave this up for the weekend, if I don’t get er sold Ill take er off and farm her sp and toss the acct

I can go 26, assuming I dont get a different char first and run low on ISk :slight_smile:

27b :smiley:

29 bill is the highest bid via in game.

if he falls thru the next lowest bid will get auction.

If by Saturday terms are not established I will begin repossessing this characters SP for sale

A deal was struck in game, but was not buy out, once this guy posts here I will officially end the auction at 29 bill and begin transfer. but he needs to post his term here,
bids higher than 29 billion will be accepted until this cat posts his bid

I can do 29.5 if we go soonish, gettin late here:slight_smile:

ah heck why dont I just add the extra 500m and meet yout stated buyout at 30b

I’ll send you my info and ISK so you can get things rolling, if for some reason you do not accept your own buyout send the ISK back ofc

sold to Occultatum at bo will begin transfer now

isk recived this acct is officially sold


13 Dec 2018 10:54

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

Card ending in 1234

Account Information


EVE Character transfer




All prices shown in USD

have email confirmation of charater transfer initiation to info given ingame to Ipuntchipmunks Saken,

skill que is paused until process is complete…

she has a small positive isk balance of 500k

appreciate the business, and gl fly safe

I got the confirmation :slight_smile:

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