WTA 30,755,580 Mil SP Point Rounded Alt For Isk Making

To support your new alliance I can fly:
Assault Frigates: Harpy, Hawk, Cambion / Ishkur, Enyo and Utu
Talos Battle Cruiser
Gallente BS, BC and Cruisers
Viator Blockade Runner / Occator Deep Space Transport
Covert Op’s: Buzzard, Helios and Astero with good scanning and survey skills
Electronic Attack Ships: Kitsune and Keres
Stealth Bombers: Manticore and Nemesis
ORE Ships: Noctis, Orca and Porpoise with good salvage and leadership skills as well as basic Mining Barges

To help you earn ISK
PI Trained to L4 across the board
Scanning L4 across the board (Survey L5)
Industry L5
Mining L5
19 Science Skills to be tweaked
Strong Armor and Shield skills as well as a good trade skills

Some areas need tweaking to your career but the foundation is strong and I can make isk for you easily, join in industry ops and defend my space.

I also have 8 skins for my boats, 3 Jump Clones and good cyber and biology training.
“2 in High Sec”
“1 in G-0Q86 Archangels NPC Station”
with 2 still available for my next owners assignment

Also as a bonus I have 2 remaps still available for that tweaking my brain for your career I mentioned and a set of PLUS 4’s currently wired up

Security Status is NUETRAL, no killrights, normal faction standings

I am located in Zhilshinou at the moment (Amarr Space) in a NPC Station, have a positive wallet and *as seller I will pay transfer fee’s to CCP (No plex crap if they still do that)

(Immediate Buyout 28 Billion)


15b isk ready now

I can do 16 bill


19b ISK Ready

Edit - If you want I can do 20 bil to close this.

22B Min not met
Daily Bump.
Thanks to those participating so far

Daily Bump
22B was the minimum.

If anyone is interested the auction will end today make the minimum bid for sale otherwise it will be pulled.

Hi there, please review the character bazaar rules here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Specifically the following: The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.

Once you have dropped to an NPC corp you can feel free to recreate the thread