WTA - 48m SP Revelation/Apostle/Archon/Aeon capable pilot

WTA myself.

Skill Highlights:

  • Revelation / Apostle / Archon /Aeon capable
  • T2 Siege & Triage
  • T1 Support/Light/Heavy Fighters
  • T2 Capital Laser weapons in 13 days
  • Sabre/Guardian/Basilisk/Helios capable
  • Caldari / Amarr Cruiser V (HK Legion/Tengu capable)
  • Cyno 5
  • Nyx/Thanatos/Ninazu capable by just injecting Gallente Carrier Skill book

Implant Sets:

  • Mid Grade Asklepian (Local Armor rep)
  • Mid grade Virtue (scanning)

250k Unallocated Skill Points

Skillsheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Joe_WilIiams

Opening offer guide: 45b
B/O: make me an offer.

35 bil


thanks for the offers, looking for more tho, bump!

36 bil

37 bill


40b b/o

not too far off.


41b last offer from me, can do it now

…mis post

@Technodron, offer accepted, trf isk and send acc name m8.

ISK and account info sent


character transferred, enjoy!

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