WTA - 54.5m SP - Erebus, Nyx and 1 hr from fully viable Avatar pilot

WTA myself.

Skillsheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Electron_Blast

Skill Highlights:

  • T2 Capital Hybrid & Laser Weapons (Erebus & Avatar)
  • Erebus & Nyx capable
  • 1 hour from Avatar (just need to inject Amarr titan - all other required skills and T2 capital Laser weapon skills met)
  • JDC V
  • Excellent Armor skills

Implant Sets:

  • High Grade Slaves with 5%'s
  • High Grade Ascendancy with WS-618 & 5%s

250k unallocated skillpoints

Opening Offers - 52b
B/O - make an offer

42 bil

43 bil

43.5 bil

48 bil

50b/o ?

50.5 bo

getting closer, bump.


can do 51b if we do it today

received in game offer of 55b

offer accepted in-game

Sending isk and account info

confirmed offer accepted, will trf on receipt of isk and acc info, ty.

isk received, toon transferred, enjoy!

Issue resolved.


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