WTS Erebus V/ Aeon / Nyx / Hel / Fighter Bombers V / FAX Pilot - 130 mill SP

NPC Corp
Positive wallet
0.0 security status
Located in Jita 4-4
No killrights
HG slave pod with ogdins eve and hardwiring HG-1008
HG ascendancy pod with hardwiring WS-618
Full geno Set with 4x …5 Hardwirings
Jita improved set for skilling
260k unlockated sp
1 bonus + yearly remap


surpise me

buy me…

100 bil

this char is so much more worth

and up!!!

to the top

aaaaaand up

daily bump


96.5b offered. Prices on skill injectors are tanking right now. Character is worth about 93b at current injector/extractor prices.

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