WTA 49m, AM skill focused, Can fly carriers, some fleet support skills


Contact Wen Luofeng In game or post here the price
B/O 42.5b
The auction will end in 4 days with the highest bidder

At American Time September 9th, evening, m
y birthday lol xd

BTW do the seller pay for the plex or the buyer? Sorry but this is kinda the first time selling a character.

I comfirm I am for sale

34bil, isk ready

the seller is responsible for the transfer cost.

35 bil

When is the next remap ?


37 bil

That will be December 21st


38 bil

lets go

39 bil


thats nice
last day guys ~

40.5 bil


Bid Accepted
: )

41.5 rdy now

confirm 41b rdy now

isk and account info sent… please start transfer process