WTA 50m SP ALT (good probing, Mining, Processing, Covert jumper)


Looking at selling myself

  • Positive Wallet
  • Located in High Sec (Lonetrek)
  • No Kill rights
  • I pay transfer fee

Bid start 35b
B/O when am happy


Sorry edited post

35b to start

Thanks for bid

Sale Continues

Still for sale

38B B/O Today Only

Hi, I’d like to offer 35b

Looking for a bit more than offered, not in that great a rush to sell

Still for sale

Still for sale

Up we go

Still for Sale

Still for sale

To the top

Feel free to contact me in case you’d like to sell the character for 35b. I’m still interested.

ill offer 36B

Sale continues

Was hoping to get 42b for this character, but looking less likely so will take 40b

Lets settle in the middle then, 37.5b.

Extraction value is 30b.
5m character = 4-5 ish b.
1000 plex is 3.3b

I think 37.5b is a decent price.