WTA Capital/Erebus pilot 44mil sp

WTA me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ko86ou
pass 12345
Hi grade Amulet clone included
Have pos wallet
In hisec space
Start 40bil
b/o 55bil

provided you move the amulet clone somewhere in highsec since it’s currently undockable there


Im ready to sell it for 39bil, but clone no accesable now… If you join to goonswarm you can take it.

Can you evemail me your discord or some such so that we can chat? I’d like to ask some questions regarding extracting the pod before I agree.

Connected to you. We can convo ingame? Or evemail… Me speaking english bad. Sorry.

Deal worked out in PM’s, going to transfer isk as soon as I am able.

Rgr. Accepted deal ingame.

Isk sent and account evemailed

Ok, login now.

Transfer initialited

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